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Our History at a glance

Inspired by the visions and creativity of the Holy Spirit, the idea of this media venture was conceived in the minds of the young professionals during the Year of Faith, specifically during the South Kerala Jesus Youth Gathering, when a Jesus Youth leader challenged the participants to give a Faith Gift during the year and to receive the Grace and Call to be a Merciful Servant. Years of prayers from many around the world thus led to the inception of this internet radio broadcasting channel, encapsulating the charisms and talents of many Jesus Youth professionals accompanied by chaplains and animators from the Church. Guided by the desire to reach out to the world in the age of New Evangelization, we are here to show you that the Church is here for you through technology and mass media too.

Who we are

We are a distinct and committed Media Outreach venture under Jesus Youth Professional Ministry with the support of KCBC Media Commission, under the Pastoral Guidance assigned by Jesus Youth South Sub-Region Professional Ministry.

Our Source of inspiration

This media platform seeks inspiration from the words of Pope Benedict 16th during the XIII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops which discussed the theme “The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith’. His Holiness calls for constructive use of social media as an important means to be utilized in the New Evangelization.

Our Aspirations/ Objectives

To give Christ through media hubs and internet platforms, bringing forth devoted missionaries and professionals consecrating the media and professional world, so that whoever listens to our channel shall be comforted, enlightened, informed, inspired, supported and satisfied by the teachings and experiences of the church.